How to Find and Select a Home Inspector in Rochester, NY

How to find and select a Home InspectorHow to find a Home Inspector in Rochester, NY

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t already know a Home Inspector.  That’s ok.  Home Inspectors are not the kind of professionals that the average person deals with on a day to day basis.  Generally, you only need a Home Inspector when you’re buying or selling a home.  For most people this isn’t a daily occurrence.

So what do you do when you need a Home Inspector?  Where do you find one?  Well, since you’ve found my blog, you’ve already found one!  You can use the Contact page or the Schedule Inspection tab on the left to contact me about your specific Inspection needs.

There are also other ways to find an Inspector, such as asking friends who they’ve used and if they were happy with their Inspection.  Some home buyers will ask for a recommendation from their real estate agent.  Others fear that an agent referred Inspector may not have their best interests at heart and steer clear of any agent referrals.

Regardless of how you find a Home Inspector, the important part is that you select a good Inspector who will take the time necessary to perform a thorough inspection of your perspective home.

So, when actually selecting a Home Inspector, consider the following;

  1. Is your Home Inspector licensed in New York State?  Licensing is required, so don’t even consider hiring someone who isn’t licensed.  Home Inspectors are required to display their NYS License number on all advertising, so it should be easy to find.
  2. Will the Inspector allow you to be present and walk with them during the Inspection?  This is a big one.  Often times, home buyers have spent very little time in the home prior to the Inspection.  A good Home Inspector will not have any problem at all with you, their client, attending the Inspection.  I always encourage my clients to attend, even if they don’t want to shadow me the entire time, it’s still a good opportunity to become more familiar with the house, measure rooms for furniture or just get comfortable with the place.How to find and select a Home Inspector
  3. Does the Inspector go on the roof? What about entering crawlspace? According to New York State Regulations, it’s not required for the Inspector to do any of these things.  How about door, windows and electrical outlets? Does the Inspector check all of them, or just one, as required by New York State?
  4. Finally – and this is the most important criteria of all – does the Inspector write a report that you can understand? What I’ve found is that quite a few Home Inspectors find themselves writing in “Inspector Speak.” Their reports are cookie cutter and full of highly technical terms, or color coded references that are just plain annoying to try to decipher. Some Inspectors use pictures, while others will hand you a few sheets of paper with a few illegible comments and rush off to the next inspection. Remember, the report is what you’re paying for.  Ask the Home Inspector for a sample report.  A good Home Inspector will not flinch at the request; they’ll be glad to provide you with one because they want your business. You can see an sample of one of my Custom Reports here.

In closing, I strongly recommend that you get a Home Inspection prior to purchasing a home.  Ask an Inspector these questions, do a your research and find a Home Inspector that you’re comfortable with and who provides a good, understandable report.  Then and read it, and make sure you understand it before signing your name on the line at closing.